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I have always loved writing but have been so consumed with life that I have not been able to blog as much. When I was younger I loved poetry and writing rhymes and as I went throughout my college career, my writing became geared towards writing opinion articles.

I believe that everyone is living within their own storyline and have unique stories to tell. Everyone has a story to tell whether or not it is scripted. Writing allows me to unscramble the thoughts that are in my mind. At times I may appear to be shy but I seem to always have an Opinion/thoughts about everything.

LynHasSpoken .. Who is Lyn? She is my alter ego! She is brave, opinionated and unapoligetically free within the confines of the building blocks of language. She is a sister, friend, wife, mom to bee, writer and bi-lingual teacher (pedagog). My hope is to blog about anything and everything that revolves around me. Happy reading ❤